About Flowave

Flowave offers practitioners a deeper understanding of how to move prana and energy throughout the entire body. It has been developed as a way to isolate the veterbrae of the spine as well as master segmental control of the limbs and body.  

The fluidity of movement encourages flow in its truest sense and the breath is always at the forefront of awareness, intitiating and guiding every movement. The practice focuses on subtle movement to help students gain a deeper understanding of segmental articulation and control. It is a beautiful way of creating balance and symmetry in the body by awakening new pathways and bringing awareness to areas that are currently asleep.  

The constant contraction and release of the body gives rise to a feeling of both unity and harmony. The continuous shift between engaging/relaxing the muscles makes it easy to sense where there is either stress or weakness in the body and (using the breath) the practice of Flowave encourages these areas to be repeatedly strengthened and then also let go of and released.